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About Us | Clickomart Online Grocery in Lebanon

Our Company

clickomart is an online startup grocery shop located in Beirut, Lebanon. From fresh food to the household products, clickomart offers a wide selection of grocery products and brings the best offers to your fingertips.

Convenience, freshness and reliability are what we aim for.

Find what you need on clickomart, prepare your cart at your own pace, tag your favorite products, and place your order once ready: We will deliver it immediately or on the selected schedule! Stop worrying about those long boring trips to supermarkets, browsing those endless aisles to pick your products, and waiting in long queues to checkout.

We accept payments in cash on delivery, card on delivery, and online payments.

Our Team

We are a group of full-time working dads who work for long hours and strive to make the best of our time. Going to supermarkets was definitely one of our worst nightmares. No matter how we planned it well, it still consumed a good portion of our weekend. The children get bored half-way through putting all positive parenting techniques at risk!!

Having an alternative was necessary! An alternative where we can still find our favorite products at the best prices and transform those hours into quality time with our family and children. That is where the idea of clickomart came in!

Our Service

We currently cover areas between Khaldeh and Tabarja and serve you 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.